Copenhagen Simplified: Things To Do In The Scandinavian City!

Don’t be surprised to know that many Europeans rate Copenhagen as one of the best places for a vacation. Time and again, the capital city of Denmark has been rated among the happiest cities in the world, and Copenhageners take pride in that. If this is your first time here, we recommend the things that you need to do in Copenhagen.

  • Take a canal tour

Copenhagen is known for its waterways, and a canal tour is a unique experience in itself. If you have been to Amsterdam, you will realize that the organized tours here are actually better in many ways and take you along the important landmarks. You can book one from the historic harbor area. Also, try and get the Copenhagen card, which offers access to over 75 attractions and to public transport.

  • Book your service apartment

This is one of the few cities where you wouldn’t mind spending on your stay, but instead of hotels, go for holiday apartments Copenhagen City Centre. Serviced apartments are known for their facilities, and you can get the privacy you want, especially when on a honeymoon or with your family.

  • Don’t miss cycling

Did you know that Copenhagen is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world? In fact, there are over 350kms of dedicated cycling lanes, and the Copenhageners love to ride the bike. Renting a bike here is easy and probably the best way to get around. A quick recommendation here – Find a rental service that offers GPS-enabled bikes, which makes it easy to explore the attractions.

  • Enjoy the food

Danish food is more than just about Smørrebrød. Smørrebrød, for the uninitiated, is all about bread and butter, but Nordic cuisine offers so much more. Seafood here in Copenhagen is just amazing, and you will find many craft beers on sale. If you want to taste cheap food straight from the trucks, go to Papiroen or Paper Island. Note that hotdogs can be found in most parts of the city and are worth every penny.

  • Explore the amusement parks

Copenhagen has two amazing amusement and theme parks. The first one is Bakken, which opened in 1583 and is the oldest operating park in the world! Tivoli Gardens, on the other hand, is another historic amusement park that offers amazing carousals and rollercoaster rides. We recommend that you keep at least a day for amusement parks alone.

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