9 Safety Tips Every Guest Should Follow When Staying in a Hotel

Nowadays, traveling is no cakewalk and when you reach the lobby of your hotel, you might be so exhausted that you just need to sleep. Unluckily, this is where you cannot let your guard down. When it comes to traveling for business purposes, you are traveling solo and you definitely need to follow these tips.

When you arrive

  • Always stay with your luggage. This is because if you walk ahead of your luggage in a lobby, it could easily be snatched. Keep it nearby or with you.
  • Ask for a room which is not on the ground floor, as it is too easy to break in. Many professionals suggest staying between 3rd and 6th floor where the rooms are high enough to prevent easy break ins but low enough where you can easily reach the fire engine ladders.

When you are checking in

  • Most renowned hotels like hôtel zoo de Granby have honest personnel are trained and instructed not to give out names or room numbers, but it happens nonetheless. If your room number is compromised in any way, ask your manager to give you another room. You may have no idea who is listening and your room number is a matter of personal security.

  • Never keep your credit card on the check in counter. It is easy for the thieves to capture the numbers with a highly advanced camera.
  • Always ask for two business cards that have the hotel name and address. Place one by the phone in your hotel room. If there is any case of emergency, and you need help, you have the name and address of your location handy. Keep another card in your pocket or your purse. If you have to get a cab or if you get lost, you can show the location to your driver and prevent yourself from being taken to a wrong hotel.

In your room

  • When you are provided the room, inspect the closet, shower, and behind the curtain if you shut the door or let the valet go.
  • Inspect if the lock is working properly. Ensure that the door comes with a deadbolt and lock it when you are in the room.
  • Make the use of the door wedge to secure the door further, particularly when you are sleeping or in the shower.
  • Always keep a flashlight handy by the bed. If there is a power out, you will have the light you need to navigate.

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