Driver Safety Device

Driver Safety Device

Statistics declare that over 13 lakh folks are killed annually by street accidents. Furthermore, India makes up about a horrific 15% total street casualties. Among the major factors adding to such deaths is normally driver exhaustion while driving extended hours at night, leading to drowsy drivers to doze off at the wheel. Keeping the current scenario in mind, Vivek Bhatia offers sensibly launched a nifty driver safety device, No-Nap, that sounds a loud alarm when a driver is about to doze off.

Functionality It is an anti-drowsiness device that sounds a loud, powerful beep when a driver’s head nods to sleep at the wheel. This beep immediately brings the driver back to focus. No Nap has an ergonomic design which ensures that it suits properly behind his remaining ear. From being light weighted and compact, No Nap is definitely cost effective and easy to handle.

Directions to use To test No Nap, switch on the switch and rest it on top your left ear. Keep looking straight and nod your head till the buzzer is definitely sounded. Then switch it off and pack it to keep it dust free.

Technicalities It is technically a driver sleep alarm has an adjustable alarming angle between 15 to 20 degrees. The sound pressure becoming lesser than 100db with the driver’s ear being at least 1cm away from the gadget, acts as an effective doze alert without harming the ears. With ABS grade plastic body in blister packing the nap zapper runs on a 3V electric battery. This driver security device is available in the colours of reddish, grey and yellow, and it weighs 13gm.

Findings Accidents due to drowsy driving has become rampant these days, mostly among drivers below the age of 25, who frequently drive long distances at night and mid-afternoon. U.S NHSTA statistics state that road alertness drops low at overnight hours between 2A.M to 6.AM. More than 100,000 crashes a year have been reported, resulting in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths. Drivers with sleep disorders and high fatigue issues fall victim to road fatalities. Inexpensive driver safety devices like nap zappers have been fruitful in reducing such hazards to a large extent. No-Nap is 100% reliable and an excellent doze alert.

What do We Offer?No-Nap, driver safety device can be ordered and paid online from our website It is available for Indian as well as overseas customers. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it.